Round 2: 24 February and 3-5 March

These are presentations on the Schedule for the last part of February and first week in March.

Format and Length of Presentation/Report

Briefly, same as Round 1: the first student listed in a group is the one to present, the others write reports. Presentations for each presenter are spread over three days, about ten minutes per class. Each session will cover four slides, allowing for 2-3 minutes per slide. Initial reports should be around 500 words, and later editions of the same report will add more content, figures, clarifications, and critical reading commentary and questions.

Also, remember these rules:

  1. Don't put your name on a presentation or report; instead, use "Student 8" or whatever your number happens to be.
  2. Presentation/report format shall be PDF, see Presentations page for more information.

  3. For presentations, please don't cram slides with too much text.
  4. Your work should be your own: it's not acceptable to write one report and use that for both students 9 and 1; similarly, the report shouldn't just be a transcription of what the presentation will be. It should be the result of your own efforts in reading and understanding the source materials.
  5. The goal of the first presentation/report is to collect the most prominent terminology, features, concepts, research questions/accomplishments (not relevant for all topics), and explain these and summarize to give other students an accurate view of the topic assigned.
  6. One thing your presentation/report should show is that you spent at least 8 hours of work in reading and preparing.

Presentations and Reports

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