22C196 Spring 2010 University of Iowa Department of Computer Science Course

Sensor Networks

Student Pages (Progress, Experience, Plans, Notes, etc)

IMPORTANT: no class on 6 May; project demos in class on 4 May, please prepare for that

Dates and Topics

4 May

Students present! also, some news

29 Apr
Some WSN applications.
27 Apr
An attempt to survey some localization topics. Main ref: ACM Trans. Sensor Networks 6(1):(8:1--8:20) 2009.
22 Apr

VTrack: location, path, and hotspot estimation

20 Apr

two SenSys papers (low-power clock synchronization using AC power lines); and Beep-beep ranging

15 Apr
no class
13 Apr

Apr13Notes (yet more clock synchronization)

8 Apr
no notes (continue clock synchronization)
6 Apr
no notes (start of clock synchronization)
1 Apr

Apr01Notes - Collection Tree Protocol

30 Mar

Mar30Notes - TinyOS, but also some other development environments

25 Mar

Mar25Notes - continue TinyOS

23 Mar

Mar23Notes - mainly about C programming on embedded processors

11 Mar

Mar11Notes - the tiny operating system

9 Mar

Mar9Notes - radio properties

4 Mar

Mar4Notes - start looking at the wireless aspect

2 Mar

Mar2Notes - classical introduction to wireless sensor networks (slide presentation)

25 Feb

Feb25Notes - Demo of Sentilla motes.

23 Feb

Feb23Notes - Platforms Platforms we may use for course projects.

18 Feb

Feb18Notes - how to compile/run on the WL500gpv2

16 Feb

Feb16Notes - how to compile SlugOS

11 Feb

Feb11Notes - Carrying on with the NSLU2.

9 Feb

Feb9Notes - Programming a Network-attached storage device.

4 Feb

Feb4Notes - Linux configuration.

28 Jan

Jan28Notes - Linux Kernel build and install.

21 Jan

Jan21Notes - Slackware installing Slackware.

  • Note: to prepare for the lab session, see vi page.
    Supplementary: unix commands

19 Jan

Jan19Notes - discussing Syllabus and orientation.

No Class Date: 2 Feb

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