This class largely consisted of Prof. Herman install OpenWRT on the WL500gpv2. Unlike the NSLU2 there is not one simple how-to guide as this kernel is used on many different routers. See WL500gpv2 for more information about the process.

Selected router Linux projects:

Most such projects are based on OpenEmbedded, a framework for embedded linux distributions. Most of these do not support USB; for this reason we are using an older version of the kernel that supports USB through Kamikaze.

New Linux Commands

$ egrep -r -i "router" ./*
Finds every file with the word "router" in it, case-insensitive (-i), and recursively searching (-r) every file and directory in the current directory (./*). Also, you can use the option -v to invert the grep, allowing you to find every file without the word "router" in it. Note that egrep uses regular expressions, so it is quite powerful.
$ find ./ -name "*conf*"
finds every file with 'conf' in the name. Using -iname instead of -name makes it case insensitive. The quotes here are required; otherwise the shell will expand the argument and you get weird results. Find has lots of modes you can use like this; see the man page.
$tftp root@
Trivial File Transfere Protocol is a lightweight version of ftp that uses less memory. Therefore it is useful when booting a router. $opkg install wireless-tools
  • or
$opkg install *.ipk
opkg is used to install packages, the first command will install from current directory, where as the second will install a package from a URL.

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