Sentilla Motes

The contents of the Sentilla Perk kit are as follows:

Each mote can communicate wirelessly with another mote or a base station (BS). It has an on-board proprietary Java Virtual Machine (JVM), 7 LEDs, and an accelerometer. Installation is simple: all the software, including the IDE Sentilla Work, comes bundled on the disk.

The IDE for programming the motes is Eclipse-based, with a Server Explorer window and a Mote Explorer Window. The SE shows the BS and connection; the ME shows the motes currently on the network. You can use JTAG if you corrupt the device, this is best to be avoided.

There are lots of good sample programs available in the documentation. One example is MoteBlinkRed. Potential ideas for the Sentilla Project include tilting the device one way causing a reaction in a different Sentilla. Sentilla is capable of determining its closest neighbor, but should be note the range is not very far.

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