March 4 notes - Today we will be talking about radio!

General properties:

Communication method

  1. high level terminal/modem
    1. UART - arduino Maxtream
  2. low level serial bus protocol
    1. SPI
    2. I2C

FCC licensed spectrum

  1. 433 MHz, "< 1 GHz"

  2. 900 MHz, "< 1 GHz"

FCC unlicensed ISM spectrum

  1. 2.4 GHz in WiFi specturm

1) needs a larger antenna, and has a MUCH longer wavelength 2) needs only a very small antenna, and has a shorter wavelength

The Future? Maybe UWB

Do you use a standardized protocol or not? There is Zigbee... see PAN

On the sensor, how do you speak to a radio chip? - Arduino - use UART - UART is somewhat restrictive - CC2500 - probably an SPI protocol - SPI is very low-level, more options

There is a design choice here:

Good information can be found on the following

We discussed directed diffusion see for more details.

We discussed the Publish/subscribe communication model as well.

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