Embedded Computing Platforms

Here are the platforms we may consider for projects in this course.

  1. NSLU2 - repurposing a networked file sharing appliance **

  2. WL500gpv2 - repurposing a wireless router **

  3. Jmotes (Sentilla's motes) **

  4. ez430-rf2500 **

  5. ez430-chronos

  6. Arduino ** and related, such as Stickduino, LilyPad, Duemilanove, Boarduino, etc.

  7. Other repurposed devices? For us, the Zipit **

  8. list of wireless sensor nodes (including Telosb **, MicaZ **)

  9. Buglabs and Phidgets "tinkertoy" approach to hardware for sensors.

  10. PBX systems (like Asterisk) for telephony applications.

  11. Waspmote? For instance, WaspG AVR ATmega644 Processor 3-Axis Accelerometer.

Note: ** indicates that we currently have at least one of this type.

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