Final Project due at end of semester. This counts 120 points (earlier homeworks were 30 points). It should be some kind of MapReduce project that goes beyond a single Hadoop MapReduce job; perhaps multiple jobs driven by data mining, with data cleanup and transformations. The Third MapReduce Homework was the conception of the project, and the final project is to complete this. Scoring of the project is along these lines: 40 points for getting the project to a working state, 40 points for the programming development and research (effort), 20 points for finding some interesting application of parallel computing, which is the main subject matter of the course, and 20 more points for a good writeup with references, documentation, code organization, and description of results.

29 Mar

Third MapReduce Homework due 29 Mar

20 Mar

Second MapReduce Homework due 20 Mar (first class after spring break)

28 Feb

First MapReduce Homework due 22 Feb 28 Feb.

13-14 Feb

finish the MapReduce paper.

2-9 Feb

read the MapReduce paper.

1-31 Jan

read the first three chapters of this book.

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