Run Python

There are three ways to run Python for this course.

  1. For small exercises, you can run Python in a web browser.
  2. If you're saving programs in files, using the Python standard library or installing packages, you may install Python on your own computer, tablet, phone, and so on.

  3. For some of the later homeworks, the needed packages and tools might not be available if you install Python on your own. Every student in the course has an account on the computer science cluster of machines, and you can either use computers in labs (MacLean Hall 301, B5, or Schaeffer Hall lab) or use a somewhat complex Remote Login procedure to access the computer science cluster.

Python in Web Browser

  1. For small exercises and debugging simple functions, use the Python Stepper or the Python Visualizer.

  2. There is a commercial service Python Anywhere, which has a free plan, supporting Python within browser sessions.

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