2 Dec

(due 4 Dec) Start reading Chapter 14 of Martin Textbook.

2 Dec

(due 5 Dec) Sixth Project Assignment (initial part)

1 Dec

(due 3 Dec) Read Chapter 21 of Martin Textbook.

18 Nov

(due 20 Nov) Read up on DevOps and Full-Stack (some recent trends).

17 Nov

(due 20 Nov) Read Chapter 12, through page 141 (skip rest of chapter).

3 Nov

(due 6 Nov) Read Chapter 11 of the Martin Textbook.

28 Oct

(due 14 Nov) See Fifth Project Assignment page.

27 Oct

(due 30 Oct) Read Chapter 10 of the Martin Textbook up to Page 117 (Skip the part about "Real Example" and following).

21 Oct

(due 24 Oct) Read Chapter 9 of the Martin Textbook.

17 Oct

(due 24 Oct) Fourth Project Assignment

13 Oct

(due 16 Oct) Read Chapters 7 and 8 of the Martin Textbook.

6 Oct

(due 10 Oct) Read Chapter 8 of the SaaS Textbook.

Note: Chapter 8 covers testing, but is too specific to Ruby and Rails. Skim the chapter looking for these concepts: TDD, mock objects, stubs, code coverage, top-down, bottom-up, formal methods, refactor, FIRST, domain-specific language. It's best to skip over Section 8.1 through 8.7, then read Section 8.8 onwards (though some parts won't make sense which are about the Ruby/Rails testing framework). Refactoring is used as a buzzword, but not really defined until Chapter 9.
23 Sep

(due 7 Oct in class) Third Project Assignment

15 Sep

(due 23 Sep before class) Second Project Assignment

12 Sep

(due 18 Sep) Read Chapters 2 and 3 of the Martin Textbook.

8 Sep

(due 17 Sep) Read Chapter 7 of the SaaS Textbook.

5 Sep

(due 16 Sep before class) First Project Assignment

2 Sep

(due 4 Sep before class) Read Use Cases and follow the suggestions to read other articles about use case diagrams and sequence diagrams, including finding a few examples of such diagrams. There will be in-class exercises on Thursday that depend on your familiarity with such diagrams.

28 Aug

(due 2 Sep before class) Read Chapter 1 from Section 1.5 through 1.13.

26 Aug

(due 28 Aug before class) First Assignment: Read Chapter 1 of SaaS Textbook up to Section 1.4 (stop at SOA). Write down on a page the unfamiliar terms you encounter in this reading and bring that to class on Thursday.

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