Lecture Summaries

8 May

Undergraduate reports/presentations on project progress; finish AllPlaces.pdf for remaining graduate student proposals.

6 May

Some student-inspired ideas for future Big Data Infrastructure, slides are in AllPlaces.pdf (allowing each student to make 5-minute pitch).

1 May

MapReduce undergraduate projects, progress and further considerations on AWS EMR. A brief consideration of the topic Beyond Hadoop, which motivates things like Apache Hama and research such as HaLoop.

29 Apr

Looking a bit at the infrastructure of big data analytics tools, which exploit the systems technology. Examples are Mahout, Vowpal Wabbit, Yahoo! Samoa and the paper Iterative MapReduce for Large Scale Machine Learning

24 Apr

Solution to matrix multiplication (pseudocode and Python with mrjob). Then, topics about Hadoop, MRJob and AWS MapReduce, see additions to the page AWS EMR.

22 Apr

Last of round two Paper Presentations.

17 Apr

The penultimate from round two Paper Presentations, and more depth on Virtualization.

15 Apr

More Paper Presentations.

10 Apr

On track with Paper Presentations.

3 Apr

Two presentations from Paper Presentations. Reminder: undergrads should choose data for Project Schedule.

1 Apr
Second Exam.
27 Mar

For undergrads, look again at Big Data (how can you choose). Consider some of the Glossary terms in more depth. Continued discussion on slots for Paper Presentations.

25 Mar

Resume after break. Schedule for more presentations, and Project Schedule for undergraduates. Exam on April 1st: for graduate students, will be over the Glossary and the papers from the first round of Paper Presentations; for undergraduate students, the exam will again be about MapReduce, asking how to solve some problem using mappers and reducers.

13 Mar

Looking at Hadoop Partitioners, and how they can be used for merge and sort tasks. Another demonstration of AWS EMR (see additional notes added for this lecture), plus the use of S3 Tools (which are installed on the test machine). Then a brief look at some MapReduce applications (added to the MapReduce page), and a presentation featuring one example in more depth, triangles.pdf

11 Mar

For undergraduates, a lecture devoted to applications of MapReduce (looking at Chapter 3 of the MapReduce textbook to understand memory constraints and how combiners can save network bandwidth). Then a short demonstration of using AWS EMR. Graduate students should watch the Raft lecture to understand a working consensus algorithm.

6 Mar

The final two Paper Presentations of the first round. New assignment (for graduate students) is to complete a glossary, assigned by pin numbers, of the Terminology and Buzzwords. Due 13th March.

4 Mar

Two more Paper Presentations and HomeworkTwo (for undergrads).

27 Feb

Continue Paper Presentations. More about MapReduce and the mrjob way of invoking MapReduce.

25 Feb

Two more from Paper Presentations. Some Terminology and Buzzwords and remarks about Trade-Offs.

20 Feb

Two presenters from Paper Presentations, plus some review of Databases.

18 Feb

One more try to show MapReduce demo in class. Brief coverage of Advice on paper presentations. Introduction to the Test Machine.

13 Feb

First lecture on MapReduce -- graduate students should skim/read the Dean & Ghemawat paper to prepare for this. Then assignments of papers to read and present: Paper Presentations for graduate students; for undergraduates, assignment is to select some Big Data and think about a MapReduce project.

11 Feb

First Exam

6 Feb

Some practical things as background on working in the cloud. Starting with useful things to know about the Linux Environment

30 Jan

More on coroutines, illustrated with coroutine.py (just as one example). More on barrier synchronization and systolic computing in Parallel Programming. Reading assignment for undergraduates: please read pages 1--38 of this book as background to lectures on 6 and 13 February (in-class exam on 11 February).

28 Jan
Finish coverage of FPL'85 impossibility proof.
23 Jan

Introduction to Parallel Programming.

21 Jan

Start of course (Syllabus and overview of topics). Last half hour initiated presentation over FPL'85 impossibility. Graduate students please download and read the paper (works on-campus).

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