Syllabus for CS:4980:002 Spring 2014 (also listed as 22C:196:002)

Course Title: Big Data Technologies

Course Meeting Times: TTh 9:30am–10:45am in MLH 214 starting 21 January, last day 8 May, with no meetings on 4 February, 18 March, 20 March.

Course Instructor: Ted Herman

Office Hours: MWF 10:30-11:30 in MLH 201M or "by appointment"

Course Plan

See the Course Overview and Suggested Agenda pages.

Student Expectations

  1. Graduate students. For graduate students, it is expected that students will read technical literature (recent conference papers), online documents or programming material related to cloud computing and handling large data. Students will be evaluated by (a) examinations and/or quizzes, (b) written reports, and (c) in-class presentations over papers. Graduate students will study both theoretic and practical systems aspects of Big Data Technologies.

  2. Undergraduate students. For undergraduate students, there will be (a) quizzes, (b) written reports, (c) in-class presentations, and (d) programming assignments. For some programming assignments, services using Amazon's cloud will be required: each student is expected to get (and pay for) an individual AWS account. Undergraduate students will mainly concentrate on using cloud computing systems for parallel programming.

  3. All students: there is no required textbook, and no final examination in this course. Grading will be separately done for graduate and undergraduate students.

General Policies and Expectations

See the Syllabus Insert for standard college-wide policies. In particular, for this course, students are expected to be the original authors of work they submit or present. Hence, collaboration, obtaining solutions from outside resources, other students, experts, tutors, found programs on the internet, and other similar shortcuts are not allowed.

University deadlines: visit the registrar site, click on calendars, then academic deadlines; then scroll by month or get a PDF by choosing Spring 2014.

Other Boilerplate Required Information

The DEO for Computer Science is Prof Segre.

The administrative home for this course is CLAS.

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