Two main sources for readings are course notes and some documents about Leslie Lamport's Temporal Logic of Actions, both available through the ICON site for this course. Below please see weekly reading assignments (most recent first).

9 Nov - 17 Nov
Read Chapter 19 of the course notes (Atomic Snapshots), but only up to Section 19.4 (starts bottom of page 166) - we will skip the LL/SC part, though the LL/SC operation will be covered in a lecture.
29 Oct - 5 Nov
Read Chapter 18 of the course notes (Consensus).
27 Oct - 29 Oct
A special PDF on the Dining Philosphers has been added to ICON in the Content Area. Read that mainly for some high-level concepts about the algorithms.
13 Oct - 27 Oct
Read Chapter 17 of the course notes (Mutual Exclusion), and there may be additional notes to read (to be announced later).
8 Oct - 13 Oct

Read about PlusCal C-Syntax, see PDF pointer on the PlusCal page.

28 Sep - 6 Oct

Read Chapters 15 and 16 of the course notes (Model of Shared Memory, Distributed Shared Memory). If you haven't seen anything about problems of consistency in shared memory (exacerbated by the use of memory caches), then it may help to look at the terminology in Wikipedia's Consistency Model list: some of this will be background covered in lectures.

14-22 Sep
Skip ahead to Chapter 12 of the course notes (on Logical Clocks).
8-10 Sep
Classes on 8 and 10 September will cover Chapter 4 of the course notes (on broadcast and convergecast). This is a simpler reading than previous topics, so lectures will also have time to explain previous topics in more detail.
27 Aug
Class on 27 August will cover Chapters 1 and 2 of Lamport's TLA book (Temporal Logic; the Simple Clock).
25 Aug
Please read Chapters 2 and 3 of the course notes before 1 September.

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